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L2TP VPN or Screen 2 tunneling protocol is also one of the VPN protocols that is very easy to use and can be used for all Android, Windows, Linux and IOS devices. To use L2TP VPN it doesn't need a 3rd party application. Because every Windows, Android, IOS and Linux device already has a configuration for using VPN L2tp and VPN pptp. VPN L2TP has a higher encryption method than VPN PPTP but still has a stable speed.

VPN Japan

L2TP port : 1701

VPN Unitedstates

L2TP port : 1701

VPN Singapore

L2TP port : 1701

VPN Australia

L2TP port : 1701

VPN Canada

L2TP port : 1701

VPN German

L2TP port : 1701

VPN Unitedkingdom

L2TP port : 1701

VPN India

L2TP port : 1701


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New features : Each server has active Dropbear port 443 and Squid on port 80, 8080





Provides network security to be used when accessing the internet and bypassing restrictions imposed by ISPs and governments with the best servers with shadowsocks, PPTP VPN (point to point tunneling protocol), Ipsec / l2tp vpn, and openvpn.

  • Stable vpn server network
  • Using a server that is guaranteed quality from the vps provider, the best dedicated server. Many free vpn providers only use servers whose quality is not guaranteed. But not with the servers we use. You can prove it

  • VPN Free for trial? No, 100% free
  • Many well-known paid VPN providers also provide free VPN with only a duration of 30 days or even more. But you will be limited. starting from the use of bandwidth and servers from which countries can be used. But not with us, we really provide VPN with the best quality and absolutely free.

  • Data is well encrypted
  • By using VPN each time your data traffic will be encrypted and each VPN protocol has many encryption methods. For this reason, we have chosen to use the best encryption to avoid disrupting your internet activities when using our VPN server