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What is VPN ? and why you are invisible when using a VPN ?

What is a VPN ?

Internet connectivity is no longer a rare commodity in this world, even children can find it easily to find information and enjoy entertainment shows from online services using their mobile phones. Of course the Internet is not only for entertainment purposes; all kinds of business and office administration matters are also very dependent on this technology. Over time, internet access becomes more Read more...

Why do you need a VPN ?

Nothing is really safe when you enter the world of the internet, regardless of whether all our activities on the internet are always monitored by several third parties.They took advantage of our carelessness in browsing the internet by spying on our IP to track our position and geolocation.For this reason, it is recommended to always use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in all Read more...

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What is VPN ? and why you are invisible when using a VPN ?

What is a hidden VPN?

PNs can hide a lot of information that can compromise your privacy as a user. It's no secret where you surf the internet. Your internet service provider and web browser will track almost everything you do on the internet. By using VPN, your search history in any browser can be protected. PNs use IP addresses that do not belong to you but the service provider that you use, allows you to maintain your online privacy and search the web anonymously. Remember, your search history can still be seen if you use a public computer such as a company, school, or other organization.


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