The way the VPN itself works is by creating a network within the network (often called tunneling). Tunneling aims to create a private connection line by utilizing other network infrastructure. Generally, when we access a website on the internet, then we will be connected to an ISP (Internet Service Provider). All data traffic requests for websites that we access will pass through the ISP server and can be seen by the ISP. Unlike the case with computers that use VPN when accessing the internet. VPN will encrypt data so that all your data such as search history will be anonymous.

Seeing how this VPN works, then:

  • ISPs will not know VPN user activity on the internet
  • The visible IP address is the VPN server IP
  • The use of public WiFi hotspots is safer because of encrypted data

The types of protocols VPN

    PPTP (point-to-point transfer protocol)

  • PPTP VPN or point to point tunneling protocol is the oldest vpn (virtual private network) among other vpn protocols. PPTP VPN can be used on all devices ranging from Windows, Linux, Android, IOS and routers. This VPN is known for its very easy use and has the lowest data encryption compared to other VPN protocols. But it is quite safe to use for browsing activities and accessing sites that are blocked by the local government.
  • (L2TP (layer 2 transfer protocol)

  • L2TP VPN or Screen 2 tunneling protocol is also one of the VPN protocols that is very easy to use and can be used for all Android, Windows, Linux and IOS devices. To use L2TP VPN it doesn't need a 3rd party application. Because every Windows, Android, IOS and Linux device already has a configuration for using VPN L2tp and VPN pptp. VPN L2TP has a higher encryption method than VPN PPTP but still has a stable speed.
  • OpenVPN

  • Open VPN is one of the VPN protocols that is widely used by the majority of internet users because of its high encryption method so it guarantees more security for data traffic while browsing and its speed is quite stable. However, the use of OpenVPN requires additional applications on Windows devices, Android, iOS and routers.
  • Shadowsock

  • Shadowsock is free software that can be used by all parties to break the internet block like a virtual private network. The majority of shadowsocks users are many in China. yes because shadowsocks are made by a programmer who is from china.