Nothing is really safe when you enter the world of the internet, regardless of whether all our activities on the internet are always monitored by several third parties.They took advantage of our carelessness in browsing the internet by spying on our IP to track our position and geolocation.For this reason, it is recommended to always use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in all of our internet activities.

So far, we only know the function of this virtual private network or VPN to access certain websites or services that are blocked by internet service provider operators based on geolocation.Usually internet service providers (ISPs) block websites or services based on instructions from the government for some reason.Moreover, the VPN function is not just a tool or application for bypassing and unblocking certain accesses or web services.

VPN is a "must-have weapon" for every user who frequently roams the internet. Summarized from the Make Use Of, here are the reasons why you should use VPN when online in cyberspace.

    Increase Internet Surfing Safety

  • Almost all the best VPNs implement standard encryption, so that data in and out of smartphones and computer users, doesn't just leak.Search history, online transactions, e-mail, and various other activities, hidden by VPN.Even if you are a target for cybercriminals, then at least using a VPN will add more layers of security that cyber criminals must break through because they must first break VPN encryption.
  • Avoiding Online Tracking

  • Giant companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, we know, have been tracking their users. This can be seen from an easy example, for example, when in the timeline we see the content of a news link, click on it, then read it, then we can be sure that in your timeline there will be more content that is relevant to the content.This is a simple example of the application of their own artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the data collected from tracking will be processed in such a way as to form a user's "profile".So what's in it for Facebook and friends who track their own users? The main goal is to benefit by offering advertisements to advertisers. They offer a "profile" that they get for advertisers.Therefore using a VPN can minimize online tracking by some of these companies.Because all of our surfing activities are encrypted by VPN, all our online activities will not be able to be read by Facebook and friends because the traffic received by their servers comes from the IP Address VPN.
  • As a Geo Location Bypass

  • As explained earlier, using VPN we can pass geolocation. That is, internet-based services such as websites, chat services and others that are blocked by ISPs in certain areas, can be accessed via VPN.But actually this is still a controversy and reap the pros and cons. For example in China, state authorities have begun shutting down VPN access starting this year.In fact, Apple-class companies must also comply with local regulations and must remove VPN services from the App Store in the bamboo curtain country.