V2ray is one of the most popular proxy protocols by internet users today. To use v2ray on windows you need 3rd party app which can be found on download on this link. The use of v2ray, trojan, vmess and vless on windows is done in the same way and client applications. For more details, please refer to the following steps.

The first step to using a v2ray, trojan, vmess websocket, vless websocket has a way and uses the same client application. You can get the client application at this link. For the first step make sure you have got the url / link to be able to connect to the trojan server. More details can be seen in this picture

The first step is how to use v2ray on windows

The second step after you import the v2ray url / link will automatically see the profile of the trojan server as shown in the following image. Then right click on the profile and click connect

The second step is how to use v2ray on windows

The last step is to make sure the trojan server is connected. Please right click and you will see a graph of the bandwidth usage of the trojan server.

The last step is how to use v2ray vpn on windows

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